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Nov 3rd 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
A donut I once thought I wanted to be a teacher - Tech Teacher that is - practical electronics, radio, computers, business machines and the like. I attended a reputable university and received my accreditation in due course in education and yet another later in psychology. However, inasmuch as I could put across the most intricate concepts eluding almost all who tried, I was persona non grata in the local school board. How does that work? Thought I in terms of Darwin and evolution. I once naively told a hiring principal that the only reason I wanted to teach was to encourage young people to think for themselves, question authority and be more than an iron bomb (zombie). It took the entire board, the entire teachers' union, and the ministry to force me to go away for I questioned their authority to inflict learned helplessness on virtually all the children and their parents. That was about ten years ago. In my almost 70 years I have seen young people reduced to little more than chickens being raised for market once all the curtains are drawn back and authority can be seen in its proper perspective. Today we have business leaders who truly match the psychological profile of psychopaths showing no remorse or responsibility but to money - making them mercenaries and nothing more. So we ask not why unions formed to protect the defenceless. I am vindicated in my conclusions having just seen the movie Corporation. All of this has as its cyclorama, the white man's mistreatment of the First Nations people, of which I find I am a part.
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