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Tale # 132
Dept: I.T. Score: 23
Dec 30th 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
“I smell pipe smoke”
A donut I used to work at a company that was growing rather fast. Because of this, when a new person started, the HR droid took a Polaroid snapshot and hung it on on poster with a diagram of the seating arrangement on the wall with your name underneath it.

This way if someone needed to talk to "joe smith" they could go to the poster and find your name and see what you looked like and where you sat.

Turn over was pretty high.

The guy that did the firing smoked a pipe. He would walk up to the poster with a piece of paper in his hand. You could seem him scanning the poster looking for a match on the name.

When he found the match, he would take down the photo and walk up and down the aisles till he found the person he was looking for.

He would then take him into a conference room and terminate him/her.

It became a sick joke: When you smell pipe smoke, keep your head down.
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