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Tale # 133
Dept: I.T. Score: 39
Dec 30th 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
“Computer work”
A donut My particular job was to move computers from cube to cube, among several large buildings for a financial company.

One day, in about my 3rd month on the job, I arrived with my cart to the cube on my work order for equipment removal. The cube in question had a lady sitting at her desk, typing away. I asked if she knew about the computer I was too pick up and showed her the work order. After reading the work order the look on her face was one of horror, sadness and anger. She broke out sobbing, gently folder her arms and resting her head on the desk. I immediately went to her manager 2 floors above to ask if he had given me the correct information, I felt there must have been a mistake.

His answer was that he had forgotten to tell this lady she was displaced. He picked up the phone and asked security to come walk her out IMMEDIATELY. Shrugging his shoulder he sort of laughed then reminded me he needed her equipment out ASAP so his unit would no longer be charged the monthly networking fee. After a silent, awkward pause, he asked me to close the door on my way to get her equipment. LINK
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