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Jun 22nd 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“Frankly sir, you are.”
A donut While in college, I worked full-time for a regional rental car chain. If you've seen the Hertz commercials that depict "the bargain rental company" then you know a little bit about where I worked.

Our manager was a great friend to all of the employees but was ultimately spineless when it came to asking his seniors for something. At one point the light bulbs in his office went out and, due to his cowardice, it was two months before they were replaced (which I had to do while he was on vacation).

In any event, our location had received some complaints about the cleanliness of the cars as well as the amount of time people were waiting, even with a reservation. My manager was called in 4-5 times over the next two months, as the CEO tried to figure out what the problem was. The corporate office was literally across the street from our location. He would always return from those meetings looking scared and command us to redouble our efforts.

After two months of meetings, the complaints still rolled in. Fed up, the CEO had our entire team to the corporate office to discuss the issue.

CEO: Why the hell can't you guys get this right?!

Me: Sir, have you ever noticed that every complaint occurs on a Tuesday or Friday?

CEO: What...who works those days.

Me: We all rotate those days. But the employees working is not what those days have in common.

CEO: Well then what's the problem

Me: Frankly sir, you are. Every Tuesday your wife brings her Jaguar to have it detailed, she's rude, and she threatens our jobs if we don't do it quickly. And every Friday when you bring your Navigator to have it detailed, we drop everything else we're doing to get that done.

CEO: ............. I'll look into it

Three days later I was fired for being 2 minutes late for a shift. A shift that I'd worked a month before. LINK
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