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Tale # 170
Dept: I.T. Score: -4
May 19th 2009 Submitted by KM
“The not-so-manager Manager !!”
A donut I am working in a consultancy company, and my manager is a real one whom one can work under. No complains here, he is a nice guy but he just doesn't have that firmness to be a manager and not to mention he is at times carefree attitude towards security related issues.

Man, I still remember the day when once he took out the printout of all the passwords of the employees including himself- their computer's password and email. And what did he do then, he absentmindedly stuck it on his notice board. I was really shocked to see it there and told him of what he did. I should have photographed his face then, the way he blushed and smiled. "Heh, heh; that was a clumsy thing to do, well no harm done, is it", he said and took it out. What he failed to see was by then I had noted his and the HR's passwords.

What next I controlled and had access to both my manager's and HR's email id and got to know what they are talking about my fellow colleagues behind our back. But then soon my inner consciousness told me not and I stopped or maybe the self consciousness day collided with the day our new IT guy came and changed the system passwords and criterias. But I must say even he at times acts stupid when it comes to IT security.

No wonder I have been having a gala fun time in my company since 2 years.... LINK
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