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Tale # 195
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Jun 17th 2009 Submitted by Michael
“collective responsibility in 2009”
A donut I have joined a company in the software business, looking all good, not so many people, with good outlook for growth, the product was good in quality and somehow it all made sense. Two weeks in the job the boss calls in a company meeting to tell us that one of our colleagues is missing 300 euros from his wallet which he left on his desk while going to lunch /a very smart move obviously/. Now the solution proposed was not to call the police to investigate this, but our boss suggested that all of us throw in some money for our colleague /he refused to accept the money collected from us himself/ as a memento for someone being dumb enough to keep the entry door opened for strangers to walk in and take stuff out. Two weeks in the job, not knowing any of these guys I refused to pay the amount and insisted on the standard crime-police solution. However my new boss didnīt like this and called me anti-social and not-a-team player telling me he canīt trust me anymore and that he is going to deduct the amount from my salary anyway. I told him that to do that he would need an order from the judge. I kept on working normally without paying further attention to this "thing" but soon I had to realise that my great boss didnīt want to understand that I am not going to discuss this any further with him and refused to accept my own control over my own finances he was called an idiot by my self and I left the company. LINK
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