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Tale # 27
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Dec 6th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Afternoon Tea”
A donut I worked on a shared floor combining Internal Communications, Risk, and ourselves (Marketing). Our team, though small in number, was great in volume.

We used to have a tea lady who would take a snack trolley to each floor of our 40 storey corporate head office. This sounds nice, but it was actually a ploy to stop employees leaving for an afternoon sugar hit, thereby reducing productivity.

As she exited the lift on each floor, she would ring a little bell on her trolley and sing out "afternoooon teeeeaaaa". Our team would loudly sing along to the "teeeeaaa" part. This went on for about ten months until one day someone from the Risk department asked us to stop singing along with the tea lady as it was disrupting the rest of the floor. They then made a complaint to catering about the tea lady's singing and now she is only allowed to softly ring the bell - just once - them must remain silent for the rest of the duration that she is on our floor.
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