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Tale # 288
Dept: Sales & Marketing Score: -6
Dec 13th 2009 Submitted by Anonymous
A donut A former colleague got this new job as a Manager (she was a Senior Analyst)in the competition of our company. This wouldn't have being nothing out of the ordinary except that she insisted that everything was so sudden and unexpected...and happened exactly after she received the Xmas Bonus, full month's salary, the day after her birthday celebration(aside from the fact that side that she went through a totally makeover) and the person she was going to work for was a previous employee in our company, she was totally recommended by my boss (who is a former co-worker of the new employer)

The day she left our boss call for a meeting to announce the "news" that my co-worker got this great offer from out of the blue and that the company policy is that since she was going to work for the competition she had to leave right away without saying goodbye.

I think the only thing unexpected was how long it took her to sign the new job contract. LINK
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