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Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Tractor Man
“The Principle of the Thing”
A donut My family runs a small tractor and power equipment dealership. We are faced with dealing with the power of a world-wide tractor company. We have to follow all their little rules. They instituted a new program for certification for all their dealerships and I was in charge of taking pictures of the shop and the employees and filling out a bunch of "self test" questions in their nice three ring binder they sent us.

I was still in college at the time so I worked on this through my Christmas break knowing that it had to be in by the first of the year and that our warranty and parts reimbursements would be completely based on our self test certification. I was probably the first dealer in America to get all materials in and was so proud of my work.

8 months later the company starts giving my Grandfather a fit about not being certified. All eyes now stare at me. Long story short, the notebook sat on a service reps desk for 8 months untouched and we had been getting shorter margins all year on work we had done for the company. My Grandfather rode two hours into the big city where the company was. He went through the cubicle farms and brought as many people as he could into their giant meeting room with a table and chairs that were probably worth more than our houses. They, of course, started in with the "we're sorry" treatment when he hushed them quickly and said, "Look, it's not the priciple of the thing, IT'S THE MONEY!" We were completely compensated. LINK
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