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Tale # 40
Dept: Human Resources Score: 188
Dec 13th 2005 Submitted by Daniel
A donut Under Australian law companies must contribute 9% of their employees' salary into their superannuation plan (or pension). [Kevin] worked for a big corporation known for hiring 15-18 year olds, earning $9,000 over a year and a half.

When he quit he expected to have $800 accumulated superannuation. But he discovered he in fact had $35.

Turns out there is an exemption in the law if an employee is under 18 or earns less than $450 per month.

But Kevin wasn't just underpaid. To be deducted from his superannuation was a $30 administration fee and $75 "overpay." How he could have been overpaid $75 when his total benefit was $35 remains a mystery. LINK
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