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Dec 14th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Everyone's Nice Until Someone Gets Hurt”
A donut This is a pretty awful story. And not funny, but certainly a tale of corporate oppression.

I worked for a company that specialised in vocational rehabilitation for people with psychiatric illness. So we were all nice people, aware of issues pertaining to recovery, stress and work.

Until it happened to us: one of my colleagues commited suicide. After hearing a new senior manager who we had met once before tell us that [Jane] had died because she was "very troubled" and assuring us that management had done all they could, we were informed that the funeral was to be the next morning. After telling us it was "business as usual," she left sighing that it had been a "pain in the ass of a day."

So we all worked for the rest of that day and turned up at 9am the following for the 11am funeral. It turned out that we got the time wrong and it was actually scheduled for 3pm. So management decided to make good use of the time and began a three hour strategy meeting before seeing our normal daily clients. None of us got much done, we were all extremely shaken and upset --Jane had been a great friend as well as colleague to many of us. Management complained we were "unmotivated" and asked "when we thought we were going to move on."

We went to the funeral at 3, and management had us back in the office at 5 to call our clients and let them know that Jane had died and get back to work.

No time off was offered, we were to make do with a one hour group corporate counselling session, and we had to get on with things immediately. We were told that poor Jane would have wanted it that way.

Seriously doubt it. LINK
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