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Tale # 55
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Jan 7th 2006 Submitted by The Anglo
“Donuts, Shoes, and Porn”
A donut One morning we arrived at our office to discover something strange. First, donuts had been left on top of various female staff members' computer monitors. Second, some of the women who left their shoes in the office overnight (as they wore sneakers to and from work) said their shoes had been moved around. Third, some of their computers had apparently been used to browse pornographic web sites.

This was pretty strange, but what was even more bizarre was management's serious investigation into it. I was sat down by a pregnant French woman and asked whether I had come into the office at night, put donuts on computers, moved womens' shoes around, and used computers to look at "'ot schoolgirl beaches" and "ennel facking 'ores". I should have started looking for another job right then. LINK
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