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Tale # 90
Dept: All-Staff Score: -18
Aug 5th 2006 Submitted by Edion
“World's laziest job”
A donut It's an interesting change of pace when your friend comes into your busy shoe department at 7:30pm to complain about her lazy job.

She works as a secretary at a car dealership. Her main job is to ask other employees or the boss to come to the desk for some reason (usually a phone call). However, her boss tends to sleep in a room upstairs, and turns off the speaker, so to reach him she must call his cell phone. Except to combat this he occasionally turns off his cell phone, too.

Her coworkers aren't much different. She estimates that only about 10% of the time do they actually come when she calls them. Not because they're too busy, but just because they can't be bothered. LINK
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