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Tale # 93
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Sep 11th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Sub-sub-subcontracting in Iraq”
A donut I was recently hired to work overseas as a civilian contractor. My recruiter said I'd make about $100,000.

When I finished the (unpaid) two-week training course, I was told that not only would I be working in war-time Iraq, but the pay was 30% less than I'd been promised.

But the money was still good, so I went through with it. When I got to Iraq, I discovered I didn't work for the original company any more, but rather two subsidiaries removed. Apparently my employer was now a holdings bank in Uzbekistan.

We were required to buy insurance from a major "default" government insurer. This was put to the test when a buddy of mine went on R&R to Thailand and had his appendix rupture. He was flown to Japan for surgery, then home. But the hospital wouldn't accept the insurance without company approval. When he called the regional HR representative (this was at 3 AM), the rep said, "That isn't my job," and hung up.

My supervisor was called in to give a report. When it became known that my buddy had taken a Leave Without Pay (LWOP) instead of R&R (vacation pay), the medic doing the report closed his laptop and said, "Problem solved. If he's LWOP, we aren't responsible." LINK
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