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Tale # 87
Dept: Human Resources Score: 337
Jul 16th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Bed Shortage”
A donut I was sent around to work at different resorts, staying at each one for about a week.

One resort didn't seem very happy for me to be there. Upon arrival they told me they didn't have a room to put me up in. The resort was on an island, so I couldn't stay anywhere else.

Finally I was informed by the manager that I would sleep in a store room, on a fold-out bed. But I couldn't use the room before 10pm each day, because the cleaners needed access to it. And I had to be out at 6am each morning, for the same reason.

After leaving the resort, I recieved my pay and discovered they had charged me for a week's accomodation LINK
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Tale # 79
Dept: Management Score: 334
Apr 12th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Kidney failure had better not stop you from coming into work”
A donut My dad is a fairly high level manager for a large manufacturing corporation. They are well known in our area for being a horrible place to work.

My dad also has kidney disease, and is nearly to the point where he is going to need dialysis. Because of this, he is highly susceptible to disease, such as pneumonia.

Around Christmas, he caught pneumonia. The doctor wanted to put him in the hospital, but my dad had to work. Finally, he took some sick days, as he was about to lose them at the end of the year anyway. His boss called him at home, and told him he could jolly well work at home from his laptop, because the end of the year was no time to be getting sick.

Then, about a month ago, his boss informed him that if he goes into kidney failure, he had better figure out a way to come into work, because his being sick wasn't his boss's problem. LINK
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Tale # 70
Dept: Sales & Marketing Score: 326
Feb 7th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Good Ole' Boys Network Live and Kicking”
A donut I was a golden-girl director of a department in a southern conservative corporation until, much to my surprise, a man with no qualifications even near mine was promoted over me to run my department. This was a man I had just a year ago helped "get ahead" and even coached on his salary negotiations. When I asked my boss why he was promoted over me I was told because I had "a bad attitude." When I calmly asked for specific examples none could be provided. One was lamely offered up as a reason but was quickly proved to be incorrect.

Alas, the guy moved up over me and I quietly went about my job of being the one actually running the department when I found out that he had be secretly meeting with one of my employees about splitting the department and giving the younger guy half my employees. The younger guy came and told me about this because he was so upset about it going on behind my back. He and I decided to together to talk to our new boss about it. The new boss then wrote us a threatening and nasty email.

I then met with the HR Director after that to ask for his advice and he questioned my integrity and threatened my employment (mind you, I had a stellar record prior to this). I later found out my new boss and this HR Director were buddies and good friends and had also been talking about this behind my back and my fate was pretty much sealed regardless of what I did. They were both soon promoted to VPs. I soon resigned my position and now I make more money working for myself. LINK
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Tale # 74
Dept: I.T. Score: 326
Feb 15th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Homeless for Helpdesk”
A donut Working on the helpdesk in a four-man IT department, I discovered how abused entry-level workers are. On Saturdays I had to work until 11 p.m., spend an hour commuting home, sleep for 3 hours, then return to work for 6 a.m.

I decided that on those days it was more efficient to sleep in my car at a local truck stop. However, this meant I was constantly tired, and I finally snapped and was kicked out of my parents' house. With nowhere to live, broke, and earning $9 an hour, I sold my car and began squatting at a nearby warehouse.

Finally I was pulled into a meeting with two managers who informed me of their disatisfaction with my appearance and smell. I explained my sad story to them. They listened to this and decided that I was unable to meet the requirements for the position, so they fired me. LINK
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Tale # 48
Dept: Operations Score: 318
Dec 29th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Divide and Conquer”
A donut During college I worked in a call center providing customer service for satellite TV customers that had purchased an extended warranty.

At first I worked in customer service, and had to explain to customers things like, "No, of course the Protection Plan doesn't cover that. If high winds blow your dish out of alignment, that's covered, but if high winds blow a tree into your dish, which knocks it out of alignment, then that's an act of God, and is not covered." Many customers didn't seem to understand the concept of a "limited warranty" and complained, "But they told me it would be covered... blah blah blah." The fact was we charged $75 for service calls unless the fault was expressly covered by the warranty.

Later, due to a staff shortage, I ended up being cross-trained, and was shown the actual sales script we read to the customers: "From electrical to mechanical failure, you can rest safely knowing that you're covered by the Protection Plan. You will never pay for a service call or replacement part again, because you're already covered!"

I then understood why they separated the two jobs. LINK
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