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Tale # 91
Dept: All-Staff Score: 141
Aug 23rd 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“School Bully”
A donut A friend of mine who I'll call "David" was bullied by another teacher in his department for many years. Although David was highly qualified and had a great rapport with his students, this other staff member continually made negative comments about him behind his back and ridiculed anything he did.

At first David tried to shrug this off, even when students began telling him that she was calling him an idiot in her class. She also began using David's title ("Head Teacher") at open days and when introducing herself.

After some years, David finally complained to the head of the department, but he was completely dismissive. So David began to keep a diary to show that he was the target of this teacher's negative campaign.

He saw a counsellor, who was shocked at what the diary revealed and encouraged David to take the issue to the school CEO. The CEO listened carefully and began an investigation (things were looking up at last!), but as the issue grew larger than he could reasonably handle, he ended up telling David to simply "take it like a man."

David had a type of mini breakdown, to the point where he says he can not recall a five hour period from that day, although he can remember the uncontrollable sobbing with the counsellor for an hour and a half.

He still works there, as does his tormentor. LINK
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Tale # 41
Dept: Human Resources Score: 130
Dec 13th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Workplace Safety for Dummies”
A donut This e-mail was sent to all employees. It is not a joke.

---Original Message---
From: [name]
To: [staff]
Subject: Safety Tips

*Close* the drawers of filing cabinets when not in use

*Move* boxes out of pathways, corridors, and high traffic areas

*Hold* the hand rail when using the stairs, and keep to the left

*Wipe* up spills and wet spots in the tea room and reception

*Walk* - do not run - in the office

When the cleaners are on site, *Look* for the "Caution - Slippery When Wet" signs indicating recently mopped or polished floors

*Approach* blind corners and walkways with caution - give way at T-intersections! LINK
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Tale # 55
Dept: All-Staff Score: 121
Jan 7th 2006 Submitted by The Anglo
“Donuts, Shoes, and Porn”
A donut One morning we arrived at our office to discover something strange. First, donuts had been left on top of various female staff members' computer monitors. Second, some of the women who left their shoes in the office overnight (as they wore sneakers to and from work) said their shoes had been moved around. Third, some of their computers had apparently been used to browse pornographic web sites.

This was pretty strange, but what was even more bizarre was management's serious investigation into it. I was sat down by a pregnant French woman and asked whether I had come into the office at night, put donuts on computers, moved womens' shoes around, and used computers to look at "'ot schoolgirl beaches" and "ennel facking 'ores". I should have started looking for another job right then. LINK
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Tale # 23
Dept: All-Staff Score: 117
Dec 4th 2005 Submitted by Omni
“Unions, OH&S, toasters and other bureaucracies.”
A donut To be fair not all bureaucratic annoyances come from above. Being a large teleco, the company has it's own fun and games from the unions and various government departments.

Now I've often made this point of view known, 'Unions and Government departments aren't motivated by profit. It's completely out of the equation for them. The only way they can justify their existence is to waste your god damn time, force you to pay attention to them somehow then they can claim to be doing something.'

My boss at the time often disagreed with this point of view, but however he did feel that I had the right attitude for an OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) rep.

It's not fair. You pinky lefty types aren't supposed to be sneaky and smart like that.

The upshot of it that now they come to me to organise their audits and I do everything I can to get them the hell away from me ASAP with minimal impacts. Not that I don't take employee safety seriously, but if you come and tell me that we can't put tinsel up because if might fall and hurt someones eye I'm going to tell you exactly where I'm gonna put the tinsel instead.

But the toaster was a point of contention. Yes apparently this appliance that lives happily in millions of peoples homes is in fact a lethal burning electrocuting trap as soon as you take it out of it's natural environment and into the office. The owner of said toaster (who would often bribe me with toasted ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast) tried to assure everyone that she had the whole affair under control and everything was fine, but eventually she said she had my permission to do it.

Well I tell you what. I thought that I had finally be busted for stealing Lindy Chamberlain's kid. But no, it was just about the toaster, and how apparently I didn't understand about the cheese burning, and how it might be hot if one person has one then suddenly the office will be full of cheesy hot toasters that are left on 24/7.

All my comments and counter arguments (which largely revolved around, 'Bugger off before you have an OH&S incident') fell on deaf ears. And after two months of this and several threats to get the unions involved I eventually caved and asked toaster girl to keep it in a drawer when it wasn't being used.

Problem solved. BTW the 'If I don't see it..' approach also works for liquid paper, which also isn't allowed in the office, because apparently someone might drink it or sniff too much of it and die.

Personally I say that just evolution in action, but I don't get to make the rules, I just get to ignore them. LINK
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Tale # 88
Dept: Management Score: 107
Jul 29th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“What goes around”
A donut My first job was as for a moving company. The previous owners had left the books in a mess, so the new owner, a former attorney, hired me to straighten things out. He also hired a CPA and a new dispatcher who I will call Tim.

Tim decided to help me out by making some collection calls. One woman owed $800 from two years before. Tim made many calls and even rang her doorbell to collect the money. Then, all proud of himself, he went to the new owner to report his success. The owner took the cash from Tim and put it directly in his pocket, without so much as a thankyou.

The owner continued to pocket money, then several of our paychecks bounced. I called it quits and so did Tim and the CPA.

Four years later, I heard that the (former attorney) owner was being sued by many employees and that he was probably going to jail for tax evasion. LINK
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