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Tale # 72
Dept: Management Score: 158
Feb 8th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Social Worker Special”
A donut You don't always have to get paid to be abused! I signed up to volunteer as a group facilitator for teens in abusive relatioships. It was supposed to start at the beginning of autumn 2005.

As soon as I met the resident overlord I suspected incompetence and a very bad character, but I believed in this cause so I stayed on.

Indeed there was incomptence. It's now Feb.2006 with no start date in sight.

We were trained in December by a person from the CDC. We were put in groups of three to work on problems that might come up during a group we were leading. I was put in with the resident overlord and another social worker. The topic? What to do if you and a co-facilitator disagree during a group session.

As I'm not a social worker, nor am I officially a staff person I waited for the others to lay out their ideas first. Dead silence. I waited a little while longer, still no response. I considered a call for life support but decided to initiate the conversation instead. Big mistake.

I asked the other team members what they would do. I took notes on their answers and reconfirmed that my notes were what they wanted me to present to the whole group. My overlord was seething because I had taken the lead in the group.

After I finished laying out what each person had said the overlord stood up over me and pointed vigorously at my head. She practically screamed that everything I had just said was wrong. She then went on to explain the "correct" version,. whereupon she literally repeted what I had said almost word for word.

There was a stunned silence and some uncomfortable laughter. I was impressed! She'd really showed us what not to do when a disagreement arises.

After that I was just too busy to help out any more. Too bad, because I believe in this cause but I don't believe in volunteering to work with a bully! LINK
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Tale # 88
Dept: Management Score: 107
Jul 29th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“What goes around”
A donut My first job was as for a moving company. The previous owners had left the books in a mess, so the new owner, a former attorney, hired me to straighten things out. He also hired a CPA and a new dispatcher who I will call Tim.

Tim decided to help me out by making some collection calls. One woman owed $800 from two years before. Tim made many calls and even rang her doorbell to collect the money. Then, all proud of himself, he went to the new owner to report his success. The owner took the cash from Tim and put it directly in his pocket, without so much as a thankyou.

The owner continued to pocket money, then several of our paychecks bounced. I called it quits and so did Tim and the CPA.

Four years later, I heard that the (former attorney) owner was being sued by many employees and that he was probably going to jail for tax evasion. LINK
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Tale # 33
Dept: Management Score: 99
Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“And They Wonder Why They Were Losing Money”
A donut Right out of college I got hired into a smallish software company as a sort of assistant-to-the-development-manager. It was my job to help streamline processes, write documentation guidelines, create a documentation website to contain and keep updated by developers all software process docs, requirement docs, etc. My boss (the manager of software development) had been hired just months before me.

Turns out before that, there was NO manager. Everyone reported to the micro-managing CEO directly. There were no requirements processes, it was all very ad hoc. This caused them to be eternally late delivering software and in turn lose money.

After only 4 months on the job and promises from the CEO that we would be profitable, there were layoffs for not being profitable.

Two of those laid off?

Myself and the Development manager. Nothing like a company going back to what was making them lose money. LINK
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Tale # 65
Dept: Management Score: 45
Feb 6th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Slippery Promotions”
A donut My boss was given a temporary promotion and needed to choose one of us little people to cover his job for a few months.

Unfortunately, my boss (by all accounts and I'm not being paranoid here) doesn't particularly care for me, so it didn't come as a big shock that although I was senior enough to have walked into his temporarily vacated position, there was an invitation for ALL the little people to apply.

Though I was also in school at the time and didn't even want the position, I applied anyway perceiving that in some way it was expected of me.
Well, an even littler little person got the job over me and is STILL, after several months, afraid to give me any directives. LINK
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Tale # 512
Dept: Management Score: 18
Nov 10th 2010 Submitted by Anonymous
“Last Laugh”
A donut I worked at a startup where I was largely left alone to get my work done, and things went along pretty well until the founder decided that I needed a manager and put me under the management of a loud, brash guy who did a lot of posturing and played a lot of power games but didn't seem to do much in the way of managing anybody. My work was unrelated to his area of expertise so fortunately we had very little to do with one another, but periodically he would come by to "check in," which generally consisted of standing outside my cubicle and insulting me and laughing at his own wit.

Our funding situation was touch-and-go, so it didn't surprise me too much when I got a call from him one day when I was working off-site. He said "I'm really sorry to have to tell you this, but our funding fell through and they're shutting us down. You can come in tomorrow and pack up your stuff." I reeled for a minute, asking the usual "How did this happen?" questions, and eventually he started laughing and shouted "April fools!" It was, in fact, the first day of April. Without thinking, I said "You're a dick," which only made him laugh harder.

A couple weeks later there was a round of layoffs, and he was replaced by a really nice guy who knew exactly what he was doing and was a great manager. A couple weeks after that, our funding fell through and they shut the company down.

I'm not entirely sure who had the last laugh... LINK
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Showing 16 - 20 of 34 Tales in "Management".